About Lauryn D. Brown

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Hello there! I’m Lauryn Brown. All my life I’ve struggled with mental health issues. I know how it feels to wrestle with anxiety, depression, doubt, and even suicidal thoughts. While professional help has been invaluable towards my recovery so far, I find it can only take you so far.

I (probably like you) wanted to move from mere existence or survival to living THE dream life: a life of my own design. When searching the web for information to aid me on my quest, I found that often what the self-improvement blogs all were missing was an understanding of the extra burden only those with mental health issues face. It makes our path harder. It’s not fair. It’s frustrating. But it’s not impossible to overcome.

I use my life as a lab. I set goals, try experiments, and report back to you what I find does and doesn’t work. I’m also very experienced with the mental health system and the research on achieving your goals and the life you want. So, you’ll know it’s not all just hearsay.

Feel free to browse, comment, complain, argue, or reach out to me as you like. I’m here figuring everything out on the messy stage of life as well. I’ll always be candid and happy to engage.


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